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Action Guide



Media Bias ACTION GUIDE:  What YOU can do!


The Media Research Center of Alaska, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to ethics in the media.  The MRCA actively identifies, analyzes, and reports on media bias in Alaska.  Our efforts are magnified each time a person takes a stance against media bias, creating a stronger collective voice.  Therefore, the MRCA has created this ACTION GUIDE so that YOU can easily participate in our mission.  We thank you for your individual contributions!


Educate yourself and stay current on media bias news: 


--VISIT this Website often and learn how to identify media bias

--SIGN-UP for the Media Research Center of Alaska’s ALERT CENTER to monitor media bias

--SUBSCRIBE to MRCA’s eZine:  “Voice of Alaska,” to keep up on media bias combat efforts

--REPORT media bias in Alaska at the MRCA’s Website

--JOIN the FORUM at the MRCA website to discuss media bias with other interested folks

--SUGGEST the MRCA website to your friends and associates

--DONATE to the Media Research Center of Alaska so that we can continue to lead this cause


Complain to the media! 


--CONTACT the media directly, pointing out/complaining about bias

--Write "letters to the editor" pointing out examples of media bias

--Write/FAX letters to commercial sponsors of media, either in support or protest

--Write letters of support/appreciation when media provides fair and balanced coverage

--Get to know the Editor and News Editors of your local newspaper; call them to point out bias, and write "Letters to the Editor"

--When you identify bias and write a letter, post the details on yahoo and other internet message boards, including MRCA’s FORUM encouraging others to also write letters


Recruit others to our cause/educate the public about media bias: 


--Contact your representatives in the legislature: 

--Use tag-lines, such as "Combat Media Bias in Alaska – Media Research Center of Alaska,” whenever you post anywhere about anything, including email signatures.

--Join Yahoo e-Groups where you can spread the word on message boards and send out "alerts" on media bias news pertinent to the groups you join.

--Make a rubber stamp with a media bias slogan and use it on outgoing mail – to spread the message. 

--Take every opportunity possible to phone in to your local radio talk shows spreading the media bias message; and don't forget, many radio stations also have message boards you can post to!

--Encourage your friends, acquaintances and co-workers to do all of the above.  



When you see media bias in your local paper and want to throw your hands up in despair, report it at the Media Research Center of Alaska.



Founded in 1999, the MRCA is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit research and education organization.  

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