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When "re-balanced," exceptionally fair news reporting, or correction of errors/omissions occurs, the Media Research Center of Alaska wants to acknowledge it.  




October 17, 2002

Publication:   Anchorage Daily News 








Democratic and Republican Subsistence views side by side


The Media Research Center of Alaska, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, dedicated to ethics in the media, applauds the Anchorage Daily News for providing its readership with the opportunity to read the views of the Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor, side by side, addressing ONE issue – Subsistence (Opinions Section, 10/17/2002, “PointCounterPoint”).  Although it would have been beneficial to see articles by all of the candidates presenting his/her views on this one topic, at least two opposing candidates had equal space and location to take their stand.


Alaskans continue to be conflicted on this issue that has dropped back behind budget issues during this election season.  However, it continues to be a real issue that will have to be resolved one way or another in order to unify Alaska.  Having both articles stating the stand that each candidate takes helps voters in their decision-making process.  Thank you Anchorage Daily News!


Media Research Center of Alaska

201 Barrow Street, #9

Anchorage, AK  99501

866 896 7904



October 11, 2002

Publication:   Anchorage Daily News 


Reporter:  Ben Spiess



This article is clear in laying out both the accusations and the defense in regard to Murkowski's role in Alaska National Bank of the North's handling of trust funds.   It's credible to see a story that asserts claims by one side and equally speaks to them from the other side, providing the reader with a fair basis from which to make his/her own judgment.  Nice job.


August 16, 2002

Publication:   Juneau Empire 


Reporter:  Ed Schoenfeld

Article:   Lt. governor's contest attracts Alaska activists

This article helps the reader understand the various candidates in the political field.  This type of coverage is greatly appreciated when one considers the usual "media logic," that "minority" parties aren't going to win anyway, so why waste the time or space.  Truly, readers WANT to know the views of the various candidates.  This is highly important this year due to the closed primary.  Thank you Juneau Empire and Mr. Schoenfeld for going the extra mile(s) with investigative reporting.  It take more time, but in the end increases the value you bring to the information you disseminate.  


July 25, 2002

Publication:   Anchorage Daily News 

Reporter:  Don Hunter

Article:  Ross says he would prefer woman as running mate

The Anchorage Daily News and reporter Hunter get another gold star today for presenting campaign news on the governor's race in a balanced way - after having written/published articles earlier in the week favoring only one candidate:  Ulmer.   For whatever reason however, Ulmer got left out of this article as well as all other Democrats and the one Green party candidate.  But, this major step away from focusing on "expected winner" coverage is monumental.  Good job.


July 25, 2002

Publication:   Anchorage Daily News

Reporter:  Sean Cockerham

Article:  Lieutenant governor candidates speak out

The ADN and reporter Sean Cockerham are to be acknowledged for more balanced reporting on the Lieutenant Governor's race - including even the name of a Republican candidate that did not attend the forum in Palmer yesterday.  Additionally, they included information about the imminent contest now being between Republican candidates going into the primary - because there are five, whereas the other parties have only one candidate each.  This kind of reporting allows readers to compare and contrast Republican candidates for the primary.  However, one part of the article that does raise some criticism is the statement: "Democrat candidate Ernie Hall, Green Party candidate Diane Benson and Alaska Independence Party candidate Daniel DeNardo -- who drew raised eyebrows by calling Alaska's congressional delegation "agents of Soviet influence," labels and devalues these three candidates and correction is warranted.  Thanks.


July 24, 2002

Media:  KENI & KFQD Radio

A complaint was registered with the Media Research Center of Alaska that these radio stations were not responding to political candidates' requests for news coverage and/or advertising time.  The MRCA contacted each and registered the complaints.  We received immediate, positive responses with names and contact numbers as well as a statement of commitment to be fair in their broadcast practices.  Hooray!


July 17, 2002

Publication:   Anchorage Daily News

Reporter:  Don Hunter

Article:  Murkowski, Ulmer ready to debate

Early in June, Don Hunter had written an article about Murkowski and Ulmer, stating, both Ulmer and Murkowski face several opponents in their own party primaries on Aug. 27.  However, both are considered strong candidates who are likely to face off in November.”   This statement presented an opinion that doesn’t belong in a news article.  There is no place in a news article to pick candidates.  In Don Hunter's article of July 17, he presents the same information in a balanced way:  "The exchange of letters presumes Murkowski and Ulmer will win their party primaries and will be the principal candidates in the November election.  Left out of their talks are the nominees from the smaller political parties, not to mention the Democrat and Republican Party candidates each will face in the Aug. 27 primary."  Thanks Mr. Hunter!


July 15, 2002

Publication:  Peninsula Clarion

Article:  POLL on Homepage

The Peninsula Clarion had posted a POLL on the homepage of their website asking viewers to vote on the following question:  "If you had to vote today which Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor would you vote for?"  Only three out of the five candidates were listed.  A complaint was registered with this Organization.  In turn, we contacted the Peninsula Clarion and explained the problem.  They responded immediately, acknowledging their inadvertent error, and corrected their homepage POLL.  They also added that their POLL was reset due to an error.  The Peninsula Clarion is to be commended for their quick action to correct an error.  Good job!


June 27, 2002

Publication:  Alaska Star

Article:  Police Briefs

At the end of the Police Briefs appears the following statement:  "Charges are merely accusations; defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial or until a plea of guilty is accepted by the court."  It is a pleasure to find that papers remember to remind its readership of this AMERICAN WAY.  


Founded in 1999, the MRCA is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit research and education organization.  

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